Brim Full Of Passion – Wasim Khan From The Ghetto To Pro Cricket (HB)


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Brimful of Passion is the story of Wasim Khan, the first Pakistani born in this country to make it as a county cricketer. Born in 1971 in the terraced streets of inner-city Birmingham, Wasim grew up in a multiracial neighbourhood, speaking Punjabi as well as English. Cricket was his passion. He couldn’t afford a bat, so he pulled a plank out of the garden fence, nicked his Mum’s best kitchen knife – and carved his own. In 1983, he left the street cricket of Somerville Road to train with Warwickshire under-13s. Eleven years later the left-handed opener was scoring runs for fun for the all conquering and history making Warwickshire team that took the county scene by storm. Three years after that he’d been shunted off to Sussex, fallen out with his captain, languished in the reserves for two years, and found himself playing for a Derbyshire side that welcomed him with open arms – as long as he didn’t require wages. Wasim cut his career short at the age of 31 and turned his attention to the area he grew up in, where children had less access to sport than he had. In 2001, he set up Khan Cricket in the Community, linked to 80 primary schools in Birmingham and staffed by professional cricketers and coaches. KCC offers today’s youngsters a chance to play, to grow and to regain a sense of community.


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