From The Beatles to Botham


On February 11, 1940, in Prestbury, England, George Timothy Hudson was born. By all rules of inheritance of the day, he should have lived a righteous and unblemished life as a cotton merchant; middle-class, respectable and respected. But of course, rules of the day have never carried much weight with Lord Tim. Instead, he always sought the path less traveled and then blazed his own detours. Lord Tim’s life story reads like a kaleidoscope; an arbitrary pattern of events and experiences that reveal a beautiful symmetric pattern when given the reflections of time and perspective. While a young man, Lord Tim was warned to not run with a fast crowd… he ran with the fastest. He was also told that a man should appear in newspapers only three times in his life; when he was born, when he married, and when he died. Lord Time has figured in headlines all of his life. Lord Tim’s unlikely journey has taken him from cricketer, to leading Hollywood DJ, to rock and roll promoter, to discovering the Moody Blues, to coining the phrase “flower power,” to LA property owner, renovator and innovator, to restaurateur, to fiance of Claudia Martin (Dean Martin’s daughter), to husband of four – lover of many, to Ian Botham’s friend and business advisor, to owner of a Cheshire mansion with adjoining cricket pitch, to world renowned artist. Lord Tim had been both penniless and rich, not once, but several times. He suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but invariably volleyed them back. G2 is rereleasing both the paperback and ebook versions of his memoirs following his death in December 2019 aged 79.

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