If It Was Raining Palaces I’d Get Hit By The Dunny Door


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After the “Greatest Ashes Series of All Time” comes the follow up: “The Most Anticipated Ashes Series in History”. With hyperbole like that it is bound to end in disappointment – and it does, at least for England, who find themselves on the wrong end of a whopping. After chucking in the day job as a sports journalist on “The Times”, Nigel Henderson sets off Down Under with a flicker of hope in his heart. However, as carnage in Canberra gives way to agony in Adelaide, mayhem in Melbourne and surrender in Sydney, he finds his love for the game, and his appreciation of it, severely tested. “If It Was Raining Palaces” gives a darkly humorous insight into what it’s like to be an England fan witnessing the first Ashes whitewash for 86 years – and perhaps the most poorly-conceived tour in cricket history.



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