It’s Always Summer Somewhere A Matter of Life and Cricket


Felix White is cricket’s flag waver. His passion for the game is at the fore on the BBC ‘s number one cricket podcast and 5Live show, Tailenders, which he co-presents with Greg James and Jimmy Anderson. It’s Always Summer Somewhere is Felix’s funny, heartbreaking and endlessly engaging love letter to the game of cricket.

Felix takes us through his life growing up in South West London and describes how his story is punctuated and given meaning by cricket. Through his own exploits as a slow left arm spinner of ‘lovely loopy stuff’, to the tragic illness of his mother, life with the Macabees and his cricket redemption, Felix touches on both the comedic and the tragic in equal measure. Throughout, there’s the ever-present roller coaster of following the England cricket team. The exploits of Tufnell (another bowler of ‘lovely loopy stuff’), Atherton, Hussain et al, are given extra import through the eyes of a cricket-obsessed youth. And then, in his adult life, Felix gets to talk to them to find out what was really behind those moments that gave him and cricket fans everywhere sporting memories that would last forever.

It’s Always Summer Somewhere is an incredibly honest detail of a life lived with cricket. It offers a sense of genuine empathy and understanding not just with cricket fans, but sports and music fans across the world, in exploring our reasons for pouring so much of the meaning of life into a game that we simply cannot control. Culminating in the heart- stopping World Cup Final in 2019, the book finally answers that question fans have so often asked… what is it about this game?

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