Stiff Upper Lips And Baggy Green Caps (HB)


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Take a trip through the history of the Ashes in Stiff Upper Lips and Baggy Green Caps. This hardback cricket book provides a fascinating insight into the most competitive battle in cricket. ‘Sledging’ is the term given to the verbal battles that take place on the pitch as players try and get under the skin of their opponents. Sledging is generally assumed to be a modern phenomenon, but this book reveals that the famous WG Grace was a proponent of it as well. Read all about his hard-hitting comments that wound up opponents and even teammates! Enjoy the provocative words of generations of famous players involved in more than a century of Ashes battles in this fascinating study of the characters that have shaped the contest. This book profiles some of the players, including the likes of WG Grace, Douglas Jardine and Shane Warne who have used sledging to unsettle opponents at key moments. This hardback title also features more than 100 prime examples of sledging over the years.



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