The Worst Of Cricket


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We’ve been swallowing the myth for years; that cricket is a gentlemanly pursuit, where bad luck is something to be borne stoically, and bad behaviour is poor form that will get you drummed out of the club. This is plainly nonsense. This book is a warts-and-all celebration of that truth: that cricket is sometimes so bad to its participants that they have no option other than to hit back just as hard. So pad up and take your guard for a full panoply of cricket horror stories: from the worst umpiring decisions, the worst tantrums and the worst injuries to the worst riots, worst gamesmanship and worst dismissals; from the worst confrontations and the worst upsets to the worst mistakes and worst off-field misdemeanours… all from the first-class game. Each of The Worst Of Cricket’s 12 chapters covers a different worst – including the worst umpiring decisions, the worst tantrums and the worst injuries – and gives the 11 worst examples from first-class cricket. At the end of each chapter there’s also a slightly irreverent worst 12th man. There’s the umpire who upheld a timed-out appeal against a rheumatically-challenged batsman for creeping agonisingly to the wicket; the fielder who impaled himself on the pavilion gates; the man who rolled the pitch and triggered a riot; while Ian Botham provides the sex, the drugs and the rock-n-roll-style dressing-room trashings!



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