Zimmer Men – The Trials And Tribulations Of The Ageing Cricketer


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If you are getting a bit long in the tooth playing the sport you love, you will identify with Marcus Berkmann as he takes a trip into the world of village cricket to meet other people who are facing up to middle age in this hilarious read. Marcus Berkmann decided to set up his own village team after many years of playing for an established side. It was a brave decision to go it alone in the grass roots game, and the subsequent seasons see him come into contact with some of the great characters of the game – including his own players! Berkmann is the author of the acclaimed title ‘Rainmen’ and a decade on (facing up to the challenges of old age) he is in great form as he travels through the strange world of English village cricket, providing an amusing commentary along the way. Take an epic sporting journey through the grass roots game in this enjoyable read that is recognised as one of the funniest books ever written about the game.



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